Top Questions to Ask a Home Builder Before Hiring

You cannot afford to put such an important job into the hands of an unprofessional team of home builders. In order to enjoy the result that you dream of, there are quite a few questions you should ask the prospective home builder before the hiring.

  • Experience- this is one of the most important factors. Ask the contractor for how many years he has been in the business, how many houses has he built? Ask to see his portfolio, and check out if the team has built indeed quality houses that are architecturally attractive.
  • Licensed & Insured- the company you are going to entrust with building your dream home needs to be licensed and insured. If the home builders company does have a website, you should be able to check out the details pertaining to licensing and proper insurance. You need to avoid any legal issues, so make sure the company is licensed and insured.
  • Ask the home builder to tell you a few major advantages that differentiate him from the other contractors out there. For example, there are many home builders specialized in building eco-friendly homes, or experts who can help you gain access to the best financing options available on the market. Any small advantage can make a huge difference, especially if you are looking for contractors offering certain facilities.
  • What is the exact type of warranty that the builder offers? Many home builders can offer a 50 years warranty for the structure, while others can even offer up to 90 years warranty or more for the materials used in the construction of the home.
  • Can you offer any references of genuine clients? You should be able to contact past clients of the respective home builder and ask them about the quality of the work provided, check out their homes, or even find out about potential problems that have arisen after a certain time. Always make a well informed decision!
  • Will you have personal access to the home during the construction process? You should be able to visit the premises whenever you want, and run your own inspections, give certain indications, etc. It is your home, and you want to ensure the contractor used the best materials and the best practices to build your home.

These are only a few questions, but you should feel free to ask the builder about any new home designs that the might be able to recommend that suit your budget. Remember, this is your money that is going to be invested and you want to make a safe investment. Selecting the company that will build your home is quite a challenging task. The market is abounding in offers, so you really need to be able to select the right company offering services suited to your needs, but also to your available budget.

Run a thorough research online, and don’t forget to comparison shop. You can get as many free quotes as you wish, so take your time to analyze them, make calls and meet prospect home builders. Then, take your time to make a very well informed decision. The online world is also filled with thousands of free, top quality resources that you can use to choose the best possible solution.